Reinvention 2012: Chicago Housing Tour and Crab Tree Farm

By November 16, 2012Practice

Our final destination on Residential Architect’s housing tour was to Crab Tree Farm near Lake Michigan, an idyllic setting on a pleasant fall afternoon.  While several of the buildings on the farm were constructed decades ago, Vinci Hamp Architects recently designed a new guest house for the owners. The home blends harmoniously with the older buildings on the property to create an inviting and welcoming gathering spot.  And oh, was it inviting.

Huge windows capture pristine views of the farm and the changing seasons:

Clerestory windows in the main hall flood the room with natural light, even on a cloudy day.

Wood detailing throughout (thanks to an on-site woodworking shop) provide warmth and interest.

Exterior spaces were just as beautiful as the interiors. An arbor of London Planes is reflected in a mirrored panel at the end of a walkway.  We heard that this particular panel was a test panel for Cloud Gate (“The Bean”) in Millennium Park.

There were so many intriguing buildings on the estate.  Visit Vinci Hamp’s website to see more projects they’ve completed there. Here are a few more of our photos from around the farm: