Publik in the Aves

By August 1, 2013Projects

Our latest adaptive reuse project involves converting an historic service garage into a neighborhood coffee house, the Publik at 3rd Ave & G Street in Salt Lake City’s Avenues district.

The Avenues neighborhood is home to Salt Lake City’s largest local historic district, which helps explain the slow moving progress of the renovation and addition to the building. Recently, the Historic Landmark Commission determined that the proposed plans are appropriate for the character of the neighborhood and unanimously approved the project. Here are a few main points of the design guidelines used in that decision:

  • Respect the historic design character of the building. Changing the style or making the building look older than it really is should be avoided.
  • The design of the addition should be distinguishable from the historic building.
  • Alterations to building sites and structures should be a product of their own time.
  • Deteriorated architectural features should be repaired rather than replaced.
  • Chemical or physical treatments suchas sandblasting that can cause damage to historic materials shall not be used.
  • Contemporary design for alterations and additions shall not be discouraged when such alterations do not destroy significant historical material and is compatible with the size, scale, color, material and character of the property.

We’re always happy to work on a good adaptive reuse project that helps to revitalize a neighborhood and create a sense of community. Visit our Old & New Pinterest board to see examples of other buildings being converted for new uses.



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