Walter Garcia

Project Manager

Featured Project

Sundance Cabin

Two elements can make any project really outstanding: the project site and the client. This Sundance site’s amazing views and surroundings offer an unparalleled setting for a one-of-a-kind of retreat. And the clients’ attention to detail, lifelong experience of cabin living and strong sense of family will bring the cabin to life for years to come.

Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

Bachelor of Architecture




A Little Bit About Walter

Walter grew up in Los Angeles, surrounded by architectural archetypes. But it was two distinct early experiences that piqued his interest in architecture as a child. One was seeing his first hand-drawn blueprint, and the other was visiting a mid-century home that felt new, different and exciting—despite being fairly retro at the time.

Walter believes architecture is a special part of everyone’s life. After all, we spend so much time in buildings that they really should be well-designed and beautiful. Walter is also a bit of a techie and as detail-oriented as can be. He loves figuring out how things work, and re-working them to make them even better. Walter lived in El Salvador for three years as a teenager and still misses the cityscape there.

Walter Interests

Walter enjoys traveling, mountain biking, photography, cooking, a good cup of joe (particularly a good macchiato), never ordering the same dish twice and building things. Most of all, though, Walter loves his family.


Los Angeles, California