Quynh Pham


Featured Project

Bear Lake Cabin

I appreciate the way this second home on the shores of Bear Lake blends western timber style with modern building construction. The large, elevated gathering spaces for the kitchen, living and dining areas open to a large surrounding deck with a wide lake view.

University of Utah

Bachelor of Architecture

A Little Bit About Quynh

Quynh is an architect in the making, committed not only to the creation of buildings, but also the betterment of society. She’s working with us as a designer as she completes her bachelor’s degree in architecture at the University of Utah with an interest in art and structural design. Quynh previously worked for a structural designer and is already well-versed in the way buildings come together.

Born in Danang City, Vietnam, Quynh grew up in a beautiful, peaceful countryside on the coast. She has a great appreciation for her homeland’s crystal-blue oceans, fresh fish and produce and white, sandy shores. It’s a place that has inspired her to embrace culture in all her designs.

Quynh’s Interests

Quynh always enjoys meeting new people and learning new things, whether from books or a ballet class. She loves to create order and tidy her home. As she continues to learn about architecture, she’s devoted to making sure everyone can live in a house they love.


Da Nang, Vietnam