Liz Pratt

Administrative Manager

Featured Project

Campos Coffee Roastery & Cafe

I love how the design of Campos Coffee Roastery & Cafe blends original 1930s materials like exposed brick with modern elements like large hangar-style windows that keep it flooded with natural light. This unique location is tucked away in a narrow alleyway downtown, which creates a cozy atmosphere.

Brigham Young University

Bachelor of Arts: Humanities and Art History

Master of Comparative Arts and Letters

A Little Bit About Liz 

Liz studied art, architecture and literature throughout her schooling, so she has a strong appreciation for design. She’s also a Francophile at heart. So it’s no surprise that her master’s thesis focused on 1880s Paris culture, art, fashion and architecture—particularly the rise of the department store, and women’s role therein. Liz believes good design comes down to a combination of beauty and function. Her personal taste leans toward the traditional and farmhouse aesthetic, expressed in classic, comfortable designs.

Liz’s Interests

Liz loves reading, listening to country music, spending time outdoors hiking and skiing, playing pickleball, baking gluten-free treats and spending time with her family.


Denver, Colorado