Kate Haws

Marketing and Social Media Director


Broadway Park Lofts 

I believe the design of a space can affect the mood of the people within it. That’s especially true for the Broadway Park Lofts. Even just touring the building gave me a strong feeling of calm and serenity. The abundance of windows and natural light make it an especially peaceful environment, despite its location in the heart of downtown Salt Lake City.

Brigham Young University

Bachelor of Political Science

A Little Bit About Kate

Kate grew up with Lloyd Architects, and in recent years has supported our marketing and social media efforts while finishing up her bachelor’s degree in political science. Her college major was inspired by her fascination with humanity’s attempts to govern and organize countries and communities. At the heart of it, though, is a fascination with people. And now that includes the spaces they inhabit.

Kate has attended many architectural conferences and explored a variety of beautiful spaces. She appreciates every opportunity to better understand the architectural process and the many ways it affects people’s lives. And we appreciate that she’s helping us share our work with the world.

Kate’s Interests

Kate loves Salt Lake City and is passionate about supporting refugees and participating in local politics. She also likes to hike, thrift-shop and stroll the beautiful streets of our historic neighborhoods.


Salt Lake City, Utah