Baylee Lambourne-Rushton



Wasatch Live-Work

Live-work spaces are definitely the way of the future, and this project beautifully integrates spaces for both family life and professional creation. I love that the workspace is highlighted in the front of the house rather than tucked away out of sight. And I really appreciate all the small details that make this home unique to this particular client.

University of Utah

Master of Architecture

A Little Bit About Baylee

Baylee grew up drawing dream-house plans and elevations with her father, which piqued her interest in both the creative and technical aspects of architecture. It was later during her formal architecture education that she discovered what she enjoyed most about it: the ability to make a positive impact on people’s lives through design.

That can involve the personal process of designing a home where a family will experience life together—or the broader consideration of how a community optimally functions and interacts in an urban setting. Baylee loves helping to design spaces with the occupants’ experiences in mind, and getting clients excited about each projects’ potential.

Baylee’s Interests

Baylee loves camping, hiking, traveling, fostering dogs and playing with her own adorable pup.


Salt Lake City, UT