Barbara Nasila



Broadway Park Lofts 

I love that such unique and distinctive material palettes can create such visual unity. The individual beauty of each component is further emphasized by the gorgeous view behind them. It all adds up to an inviting space that just looks satisfying to be in.

University of California, Berkeley

Bachelor of Arts in Architecture

A Little Bit About Barbara

Growing up in a historical African town, Barbara loved the timelessness of Swahili architecture and how it communicated the history of a people and culture in motion. Later she traveled to a more actively developing part of Kenya and became more curious about the stories architecture can tell about people today. Barbara has always appreciated the impact of architecture and the opportunities it provides to sustainably invest in the built environment.

Barbara’s Interests

Barbara enjoys all types of food, music and dance—especially if it’s African. She likes stretching her creative muscles through painting, thrifting, transforming old furniture and occasionally making new furniture she never quite has room for.


Mombasa, Kenya