Building From Here: Our New Graduate

By May 28, 2020Community, Practice

We’ve recently taken on a new full-time employee! We are happy to have Diane Kayembe working for us full time after recently finishing her Masters in Architecture at the University of Utah.  In celebration of her completed programs, we asked her a few questions about her experience with the Design Build program at the University of Utah. In the Design Build program, students design and build a full-scale work of architecture, allowing them to experience the architectural process from start to finish. 

Describe the project: 

The Silver Slice is a single-family residence located in the Aneth Chapter of the Navajo Reservation. The house was built for a grandmother who wanted to have a place to call her own and a place for her family to gather. The home gets its name from the “slice” protruding out on the East side and the galvalume corrugated siding. The U of U’s Design Build Bluff team worked in collaboration with the State of Utah Navajo Revitalization Fund and the Utah Navajo Trust Fund to realize the project.

How did Design Build change your perspective of the architectural process? 

The Design Build Bluff experience helped me to better understand the relationship between the construction process and architectural drawings. Also, it was useful to gain this knowledge while living in the same area the project is located in. I worked with an amazing team of students to design and build a home for the client. One of the biggest takeaways I gained from the project is not to project all of my personal understandings of the world on to a client and/or a project.

What is something you’re going to miss about your grad program and something you are relieved to be done with?  

Looking back at my educational career, I will miss the academic environment that allows for multi-levels of creativity and opportunities. Going through both architecture programs has allowed me to make lifelong friends, gain amazing experiences and opportunities, and has built my portfolio. However, I am so ready to have a regular sleep schedule! I will not be pulling any more all-nighters.

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