On the Boards: the Hillsden House

By March 29, 2013Projects

Located near the base of Mt. Olympus in the Salt Lake valley, this modest-sized contemporary courtyard house consists of three primary components:

(1) south-facing gabled forms with living, dining, and bedroom spaces;

(2) an upper level with 2 bedrooms;

(3) and an exterior courtyard connecting common spaces.

The arrival sequence is a procession across the front of the house and into the entry area adjacent to the living and dining spaces.  The circulation filters around both sides of a floating kitchen ‘core’ and into a combined kitchen/living space which opens to an exterior courtyard.  Clean floor-to-ceiling glazing allows the landscape to flow into the house and other large windows create apertures to large evergreen trees surrounding the site.  This is an abstract, restrained project which is an essay on the local material culture traditions of the place.  Brick cladding provides a clean, durable exterior finish.  Sustainable cedar wood rain-screen cladding and cedar shake roofing respond to the natural context and reference traditional structures in the area.