On the Boards: 63 Center Street in Provo

By November 5, 2012Projects


For the past several months, we’ve been working on a new mixed-use building in Provo.  The site for the project is an open gap in the block face of historic East Center Street, located in the heart of the Provo Downtown Historic District.  The Paramount Theater originally occupied this space as part of a vibrant downtown core in the late 19th century. By filling the architectural gap, this mixed-use project restores continuity and vitality to a walkable Center Street with 41 units of housing and ground level retail spaces.

The street level of the project provides glass storefront for shops and a restaurant. This level also provides pedestrian passage through the block face for access to parking on the north side.  The porous nature of the first floor allows people and light to permeate the building to and from Center Street.

The commercial block type building reinterprets the historic pattern established on Center Street of retail on the first floor with other uses above.  The height of awnings and cornices on the south façade are in scale with the street pattern.  Floors two and three articulate traditional scale and use of materials.  The building steps back at floor four.  The upper floors architecturally translate historic elements into a compatible contemporary expression.  The design intent for Sixty-Three is to gain all the sustainable advantages of an urban infill site while architecturally engaging in dialogue with the historic built context.