Lego Modern Home Design Contest

By April 4, 2012Practice

We tried to resist this contest, but the pull of Legos AND modern home design were too great.  So, we recently gathered some architects and designer-type friends and their families here in Salt Lake, ordered a few pizzas and hosted a design build event just hours before the contest deadline. Warren prefaced the invitation with this:  “If springtime brings back fond memories of project deadlines and close to all nighters, this may seem like deja-vu….”

The challenge was to create “an original design of a home in the California mid-century modern style and construct a model of it using Lego bricks and elements.”  The contest was sponsored by Dwell and Pacific Standard Time.  After a decade of buying Legos for our kids, we had a fair number to contribute to the evening (though we did learn of a guy on Craig’s List who lives in Provo and sells Legos by the pound out of his apartment).  One adventure later we had upped our supply a bit and were ready to start building.

A couple of the projects made the final cut and are now part of the official contest.  [You can view the 5 finalists here.]  All in all, it was a fun visual feast if you love Legos and admire mid-century modern architecture.

(PS–Check out this inventive use of Legos.)

Here’s a sampling from the evening: