Design Charette in Gingerbread

By December 30, 2011Community

We had a little fun this holiday season with a residential design challenge on a smaller scale than most of our projects.  How hard would it be to make a bunch of gingerbread houses and get a few families together for an evening of decorating?

Warren sketched two designs for the gingerbread house project, one modern and the other traditional, both designs based loosely on current projects on the boards. Rebecca made some models and then we got busy baking and building. We learned a lot about gingerbread houses in the process and could write a pretty comprehensive list of dos and don’ts. Suffice it to say that we got much more efficient with experience.

The invitations gave attendees a choice between decorating a traditional or modern house.  (It turns out this particular group was about 50/50.)

An assortment of candies, nuts, dried fruits, and cereals created the decorating palette for the bare houses and a few whimsical signs (made by our talented friend, Aimee Ferre) provided a little inspiration.

And then we got down to business.

We loved the creative uses of materials.  (Note the different uses of dried pineapple rings alone.)    Do these qualify as eye candy?