cityhomeCollective: Scandinavian Holladay

By April 6, 2016Projects

CityhomeCollective recently showcased the Hillsden Residence in their Place of Worship series. The text is generous and the winter photos taken by Kerri Fukui are simply stunning. At the end of every residential project after clients are settled comfortably into their new home, it’s nice to take a look back and reflect on the process.  Thinking back to when Warren first met with the owners of this recently completed home,  he was immediately drawn to the family and their dream.  Their patience and commitment to getting the project right proved key to its success.

At the start of every project we take on, we in effect ask, “How do we build from here?”  We identify the strengths and features of an existing property and consider how to maximize those, while also assessing the constraints of the property and how to turn them into an advantage.  Our more successful projects have an intrinsic connection to the site and the history of the neighborhood.  And so it is with the Hillsden residence: the modern feel of the home with its three gable forms is a nod to the original ranch farmhouse that once stood on the property, while the clipped eaves, linear brick, sustainable cedar rain screen and split cedar shake roofing all speak to the collective tradition of agrarian structures still standing in the area. The home is a favorite of ours for the way it quietly blends into its natural setting and neighborhood.

Seeing your work again through the discerning eye of a keen observer like cityhomeCollective is a huge treat.  They raise the bar for design in Utah and are one more reason we like building from here.






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