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By June 15, 2012Practice

Architectural Record recently mused about the possibility of a genetic predisposition for choosing architecture as a profession (All in the Family: Architectural DNA).   I’ve no idea whether or not there was a genetic tendency for Warren, but his father practiced architecture for over 40 years in Salt Lake and his influence on his son is unmistakable.  While Warren didn’t grow up dreaming of becoming an architect–it wasn’t until he was well into his college career that he changed course to pursue a design degree–this profession has been a good one for him.  Like his father, he received his degree in architecture from the University of Washington.  We recently came across these photos in an old scrapbook of his father’s studio days at the UW: 

Kind of a hipster.  Someone once asked Warren the difference between his architecture and his father’s, to which he replied:  “About 40 years.”  While they may have applied architectural principles differently, they both shared a love of good design and commitment to community. They only briefly practiced together under the same roof due to Glen’s sudden passing in 2001, but Warren will always be grateful to his dad for his example and encouragement. Happy Father’s Day.



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