Architectural Details: Windows

By January 17, 2013Ideas

“Windows are the eyes of the house.  They connect it to the world around it, framing a view from the inside and offering a glimpse of interior life to the passerby. Windows, more than any other single element, will determine the character of your house”  (Marianne Cusato, Get Your House Right, 87).

We live in a 1920s neighborhood where there are typically several remodels in progress at any given time. On a walk last September, I noticed one particular  project that stood out for 3 reasons:  the beautiful windows, its design restraint, and the well-proportioned facade.  I later found out that a good friend of ours, Louise Hill, designed the remodel.  Years ago, Louise and Warren both worked in Seattle for Tom Bosworth, a noted residential architect.  Tom’s designs are characterized by their use of daylight, symmetry, and restraint.  It’s easy to see his influence in the residential work of both Louise and Warren.

Louise graciously agreed to give us a tour of the remodel in progress for one of our weekly Design Reviews.   In their work at Bosworth’s office, Warren and Louise spent countless hours hand drafting interior and exterior window elevations, and detailing proportions and operation of a variety of window types: double hung, awning, casement, etc.  Properly detailed windows ensure that views are framed and that the windows contribute to the experience of the room during the day and night. Digital modeling has changed the way we draw windows, but it has not replaced the need to carefully consider the design of our windows to the world.

Thanks to Louise for sharing her project with us.  To see several examples of carefully detailed windows, visit our windows pinterest board.