Architectural Details: The Kitchen Table

By November 20, 2012Ideas

With Thanksgiving feasts fast approaching, it seems appropriate to mention the kitchen table.  We recently ordered this bumper sticker because we love dinner time and have seen how it has helped our own little family over the years.  As our oldest son is now a senior in high school, this simple evening tradition has taken on even greater weight and meaning for us.  I love to cook; we all love to eat, and it provides the perfect backdrop for reconnecting, unwinding and processing the day. (There’s some pretty compelling research and writing on the positive value of family dinner for the health of a child–see here.)

While Warren enjoys designing various building types, the intimacy of creating a home for a family remains very satisfying.  In most cases, the kitchen/dining area serves as the heart of the home and the place where families most like to gather and linger.  So, with that in mind, Warren put together a presentation for “You on View” at the most recent Reinvention Conference in Chicago, featuring  several of  Warren’s residential projects from the past few years.  The quote is taken from The Family at Home, by Anita Kaushal and expresses exactly what we feel about the nurturing potential of the home, and specifically the kitchen table.  Because really, home is all about family.


Wishing everyone a joyful Thanksgiving feast with loved ones at the table this week.

Photo credits:  Roe Osborn, Sara Bateman Photography, Mark Weinberg Photography