Rauland Schaat


Featured Project

Highland Green

The scale of this project involves collaborating with multiple entities that each have unique and valuable perspectives. Folding those perspectives into one cohesive design is a very informative process and an exhilarating experience overall.

University of Washington

Master of Architecture

BYU -Idaho 

Bachelor of Science, Construction Management





A Little Bit About Me

Rauland grew up in Longview, Washington, and spent most of his formative years between the woods and the woodshop. This contributed to a fascination with both nature and people’s interactions with it. He believes architecture’s role is to frame spaces where communities, organizations, families and individuals can meaningfully collaborate and learn from each other. And he’s a big fan of simplicity — in design and life in general. Rauland earned his bachelor’s degree in construction management from BYU-Idaho and his master’s degree in architecture from the University of Washington. While in graduate school, he discovered a passion for daylight and its ability to define space. He put it to good use in the University of Washington Integrated Design Lab, where he contributed to several educational/civic projects as a daylighting consultant.


Rauland’s interests include football (Go Hawks!), woodworking, food, being outside with cool people and hammocks — and, of course, daylighting.


Longview, Washington