Diane Kayembe


Featured Project

Emigration Creek House

This dream project is unique as it integrates a beautiful cantilever into modern residential design. I also love that the site’s lush vegetation and proximity to Emigration Creek makes it look like the stunning backdrop for a movie.

University of Utah

Bachelor of Architecture

A Little Bit About Me

Diane gained an appreciation of architecture at an early age, as she grew up flipping houses with her mom and stepdad in Pocatello, Idaho. She adores architecture’s ability to control light and shadows—and spark curiosity and excitement. She particularly appreciates design that pushes the envelope and creates an experience for the user. Diane recently earned her bachelor’s degree in architecture from the University of Utah, and is taking a year off from continuing her education to focus on real-world experience. She also enjoys participating in the local chapter of Women in Architecture.


When she’s not obsessing over buildings (and sometimes while she is), you’ll find Diane listening to music, visiting art museums, having outdoor adventures, traveling to experience architecture, and spending time with family and friends.


Pocatello, Idaho